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Islam finishes non-Muslims 
written by An agnostic , January 06, 2012 

Islam finishes non-Muslims. Pakistan and Bangladesh were also parts of India-the Hindu population in Pakistan has declined from 23 % in 1947 to around 1% now- the biggest unreported genocide, massacre and holocaust in recent times. While in medieval India-Hindus, in the face of extreme cruelty and death, saved Hinduism from Islamís onslaught, in the modern, progressive age they suffered the worst damage- with Hindus thrown to the mercy of wolves in Pakistan. The media and the government did nothing to raise this issue with Pakistan. Similarly- the Hindu population in Bangladesh has declined from 34 % in 1901 to 29 % in 1947, and to 10 % in 2001- and its around 7 % now. Even in India- the Hindu population has declined from 85 % in 1951 to 80.5 % in 2001- and by now- it must be in the 70s. The liberals in the Indian media- human rights activists, and Indian government have never ever raised this complete annihilation of Hindus by Pakistan ever in the world- at any forum. On the contrary- Islamists have exaggerated and inflated the case of Gujarat riots- along with the Indian media- and whitewashed Islamís guilt in annihilating Hinduism in Pakistan and Bangladesh- and also Kashmir. 

Pakistanís TALLEST Hindu leader, Sudham Chand Chawla was killed in broad daylight in Jacobabad on 29 Jan 2002 while returning from his rice meal. The culprits were not nabbed, nor was any compensation given to his family. He had in fact been complaining to the so-called civil society of Pakistan for years about the threat to his life, to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and yet nobody did anything. If this was the case with the BIGGEST Hindu leader, then what must be the story of ordinary Hindus, who have already been reduced from 20 % in 1947 to just 1 % now? 


this web site is nice
written by carlos , January 06, 2012 

i like to read this web site, i was muslim nut now a free believer of God without religion, islam, judaism, christianity are the same garbage all they got problems and bring problems to the world.



Askinng help and seeking justice for sudam chand chawla's case:
written by kanwar chawla :India ,nagpur , January 28, 2012 

Since 1947 we have seen that hinduism is reducing repeatedly, but still no action is taken by government of pakistan. In todays life of pakistan many hindus are kidnnaped,and girls are forcefully converted into muslims which should not at alll prevail in pakistan. I hope that the governent of pakistan and jamaa-e-islami takes strict action about this thing . I brother of sudam chand chawla is still in a hope that you will help us in seeking justice for my brother's case.Hope to see your reply soon. 


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